The Art of X by Adam Shand

One of the most difficult things about writing regularly is continuing to make the time to write when it is hard. It might be hard because I'm busy, I don't have the required tools, or it's one of those moments when I let life get me down. I imagine this is what's difficult about any long term project, including life itself.

I've always admired people who seem to have perfect clarity of intent. People who can focus their mind on a specific task and do it as well as they are able at that time. People who are unafraid to fail. I learned from Personal Telco that it works better to state your opinions loud and strong  (and be willing to change them as necessary), than to try and constantly seek consensus. Worse is better as a community building exercise.

Bill Loughborough, thanks for reminding me to "keep on keeping on".

journal posted on 30 Jul 2003 in #failing, #making & #reflecting

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