The Wireless Commons Signatories by Adam Shand

These pages were born from discussion amongst the Free Networks community and first published at in 2003. The domain has long since expired, however the original site (along with several translations) is preserved at

See also: the Wireless Commons Manifesto and the Wireless Commons Definition.

Below you can see the full list of signatories. If you support the ideals and goals of the wireless commons we'd love to have you sign as well to show your support.

242 people signed the manifesto in 2003.

Adam Shand from Personal Telco has signed the manifesto.

Bruce Potter from Capital Area Wireless Network has signed the manifesto.

Paul Holman from The Shmoo Group has signed the manifesto.

Jim Bowering has signed the manifesto.

Paul Hughes says:

Adam, I think changing 'unlicensed spectrum' to 'Open Spectrum' won't scare away the non-techies. I think its a good phrase that needs to be promulgated, and it will tie-in nicely with all of the open spectrum ideas already out there. I don't have a wi-fi tranceiver yet, but I fully support this effort, and will certainly provide a hotspot in my neigborhood as soon as I'm able.

Ward Cunningham from Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. says:

I'm inspired by the manifesto's forethought and generosity.

Bobby Lilly says:

as an artist and activist I see freedom of the internet as basic as the right to free speech and the wireless commons is a move in in the direction of access that I can support

Dewayne Hendricks from Dandin Group has signed the manifesto.

Julian Bond from Ecademy has signed the manifesto.

Jon Lebkowsky from EFF-Austin has signed the manifesto.

Kris Buquet from DCWiFi has signed the manifesto.

John Wojtacha from Shmoo Group has signed the manifesto.

Rich Gibson from NoCat says:

Drink the kool aid!

David P. Reed says:

Here's to a truly internetworked wireless world…

Ben Laurie has signed the manifesto.

Adam Flaherty from NoCat says:

Oganized freedom?

Joan Huntley from University of Iowa has signed the manifesto.

Kelly Abbott from says:

Long live community wireless, unlicensed spectrum and the independent mind.

Anil Dash from says:

Good luck with a great cause.

Lucas Sheehan from Personal Telco has signed the manifesto.

Jerritt Collord from Linux Fund has signed the manifesto.

Erik Walum from Personal Telco has signed the manifesto.

Ian Carmichael from StrayLight has signed the manifesto.

Darrin Eden has signed the manifesto.

Daniel Berninger from says:

Not convergence, rebirth! Toward communications renaissance in 21st century.

Schuyler D. Erle from NoCat has signed the manifesto.

Thomas Maguire from BizTechNet says:

Technolgy is people relating well and living well. Using tools to create communities is technical mastery. We are the technology. We are technology itself. It is not outside us, or in circuits or abstract ideas. It is how we live and what we are. We are all technicians now, of one sort or another.

Michael Weisman says:

I'm here to tell you that war over the airwaves has already begun; you are already in it. If technology is to be a platform for justice, freedom, innovation, and prosperity, then it must be free to grow and develop applications on behalf of people, not institutions. Let business take care if itself; it needs neither our help or our protection. Our job is to take care of ourselves, our families, and our societies.

Don Bailey from Geekspeed Networks, LLC has signed the manifesto.

Brian Wotring from The Shmoo Group has signed the manifesto.

Eric C. Snowdeal III from has signed the manifesto.

Robert A Salzman Jr. has signed the manifesto.

Scott Nelson from memecast says:

Yes to the media commons. No to corporate control and goverment interference in its creation.

Devon Ferns has signed the manifesto.

Tom Reiter from CAWNet has signed the manifesto.

Matthew Asham from BC Wireless has signed the manifesto.

Jeff Zurcher from Personal Telco says:

All of the the people I have communicated with about the idea of an open wireless network have shown an excitement that mirrors my own about the possibilities.

Steven Byrnes from Houston Wireless has signed the manifesto.

Matthew Haughey from MetaFilter says:

I keep an open wireless point at home. That either makes me a criminal or someone that values freedom, depending on your point of view.

Adam C. Mansfield from The Real Good Foundation has signed the manifesto.

Chris Magnusson from Columbia Internet has signed the manifesto.

Gene Merrill from Personal Telco says:

Burn Baby Bells, burn.

Chris Kaihatsu from Chicago Indymedia has signed the manifesto.

Agent Humble from Vancouver Indymedia has signed the manifesto.

Todd Nagengast from The Shmoo Group has signed the manifesto.

Stanislas Gard says:

Don't forget: it's a global wireless network that we want, not just a US one. Stanislas Gard from Switzerland

Lonnie Wormley from Personal Telco Project says:

Power to the people.

August Highland from Culture Animal says:

BIO: AUGUST HIGHLAND is the originator of “hyper-literary fiction” and is the founder of the simulated literary movement “the worldwide literati mobilization network” - all 60 members of the wlmn are august highland's multiple personas - collectively the members of the wlmn have produced over 70,000 volumes of hyper-literary fiction ranging in length from 175 pages to over 1,000 pages (Ed. <snip> …)

Andrew Woods from Personal Telco has signed the manifesto.

SM0UGT from SK0MK says:

The common intrest of hamradio and wireless are there, there is a need for allround technical persons if that goes with the enthusiasm for wireless and knowlage for computers and the demands a free network that can go in and take resposibillity for public communication need in case of problems (War, conflict, disaster) I guess this kind of group will be a amateur radio organisation. I suggest you take contact with and discuss the subject with them. In the development of this i might be one of the keypersons to make this come real - we do need other types of wireless technologies to make this happend and this is some kind of a work I have spent - if it sounds intresting you can contact me.

Gene Gaines from CAWNet has signed the manifesto.

Mark Malewski from NexTECH Wireless says:

Please include NexTECH Wireless on your “Charter Signatories” list.

Mark Surman from The Commons Group has signed the manifesto.

Steve Cisler from none says:

I work in developing countries and will try to have this translated into Spanish and Portuguese. There's already a lot of activity in Latin America where the 2000 Papallacta Manifesto included some sections on wireless.

kaleigh santos from indra's net has signed the manifesto.

Carl Guderian from Vermilion Sands says:

I've got a roof to donate to the cause, though it's got lousy line-of-sight.

Thomas S Higgins from WSMF says:

Distributed we stand, centralized we fall.

Naveen Goswamy from toronto video activist collective says:

yeåh muthafucka'

Will Doherty from Online Policy Group and EFF says:

Psych! I will be sure to mention this in a Cyberspace After Capitalism presentation in January.

popmatrix says:

Share, expand, protect the commons

David Y.M. Li from Witech says:

We are now focusing on Home Wireless Network infrastructure, which is a part of wireless commons

Martin Peck from de-facto standards track has signed the manifesto.

Donald Weightman from Law practice of Donald Weightman says:

Manifesto noted at my weblog:

Morgan Likely from Blunt Force Drama Project says:

I am a proud supporter of revolutionary acts no matter what form they choose to come in. I am glad this one arrives shrouded in a technical veil. It's not so much the technology that hits that warm spot in my heart as much as it is the idealogy behind this Wireless Commons manifesto. Expect my support in whatever capacity I can offer it. Power to the people.

Tim Pozar from Bay Area Wireless Users Group has signed the manifesto.

Janos Tolgyesi from ELTE University, Budapest, Research Group for Communication Stud has signed the manifesto.

Dale Wallace Morris from Anarchy says:

Freedom of communication is essential. Through networks, We The People are truly able to make our voices heard. No Senator speaks for you. No President asked you what to do. No CEO is asking for your input. If We The People come together, networked, to promote our common interests of freedom of communication and privacy, our will *will* be done.

Lawrence Lessig from Creative Commons says:

I've read it and it is great. Sign me up!

Reid Carr from Red Door Interactive says:

Ambitious, but noble.

Colin W. Richards from some shadowy freedom loving place says:

Let's node the world!

Vincent Hua from i-Tech Inc. says:

I also believe that commercial networks should also allow certain free access to this network.

Eric Johanson from SeattleWireless has signed the manifesto.

Shane Gibson from PersonalTelco Project says:

“Never doubt that a thoughtfull small group of committed citizens can change the world. It's the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade

c m b says:

just looking to connect to wireless access point. need specific instructions on how to obtain a ip address and dns server using my wusb11 linksys card.

Rick Prelinger from Prelinger Archives has signed the manifesto.

Brian Beattie from Personaltelco has signed the manifesto.

Jim Fleming from autonomedia has signed the manifesto.

Alan Dawson from Burngreave IT Partnership has signed the manifesto.

Mark Brady from intermission arts says:

will code for free

Peter Suber from FOS Newsletter and FOS News weblog says:

Technically and politically superior to auctioning frequencies. Spread the word.

Dave Pentecost from GoMaya says:

From the Maya city of Palenque, Mexico to the Lower Eastside of Manhattan, let freedom ring!

Troy Mitchell has signed the manifesto.

Christian Noel Seppa from Dubious George Productions says:

The emancipatory potential of our technology is staggering. But 'we have yet to acquire the proper aesthetic and the preferred habit of mind' necceessary for the fullest realization of our ability to promote a just and equitable society. I cheerfully add my name to the signatories to this effort as I believe that a wireless commons represents the most promising technological foundation for efforts toward the implementation of social systems that are fair, sustainable, and open.

Terry Flores from Mavrik Engines corp. says:

Such endless possibilities

John Parres from Hollywood Wireless Experience Project says:


Colin Dabritz from Personal Telco says:

To a beginning! I hope we go far.

Paul Layton from Law Offices of Paul Thomas Layton says:

global; not just euro or american but GLOBAL; democracy is possible if we break down the walls and have the courage to challenge Power.

ian silvester says:

Quick, let's do it before a retina scan is required to make your modem turn on…

Brad Pizzimenti from Portland State University has signed the manifesto.

Sascha Meinrath from Champaign-Urbana Wireless Project says:

Wonderful! I am very hopeful that our work here in Champaign-Urbana can be of use to folks. We have developed software to create an ad-hoc mesh network that shares bandwidth throughout the connected area. Our software is open source and based on NetBSD – just let me know if you'd like a copy. More information is available from our website.

Claudio Tullii from materiali resistenti says:


Bret Fisher from CAWNet says:

Let's get to work and make it happen

Pete Prodoehl has signed the manifesto.

Bob Fleck from The Shmoo Group has signed the manifesto.

Barry O'Rourke from Alted has signed the manifesto.

Jason Hammerschmidt from Toronto Wireless Community Network (TWCN) has signed the manifesto.

Jesse Hirsh from Openflows Networks Ltd. says:

Organize and normalize free communications!

A. Roy Sanwalka from Vergen Inc. says:

Technology is merely a set of tools, not a formula for freedom nor oppression.

Emir Alikadic from Toronto Wireless Community Network (TWCN) has signed the manifesto.

Geoff Le Quelenec says:

forward –>

Kevin W Tharp from Central Queensland University has signed the manifesto.

Richard Giles says:

As the manifesto states, wireless is starting to become affordable. What the future holds is a wireless chip and wireless hub in many devices. Each becoming a free router for the network of the future. The problem, today governments and large corporations control the spectrum that will enable such a free flowing network to be controlled by the people for the people. It is possible, with enough support, that we could create a global network where its use is free. Don't just sign the Manifesto, spread the word.

Tomas Krag from says:

you better believe it…. and i'm here to ensure that global means global. working with wireless tech for the developing world.

Pavitra Krishnamurthy says:

Noble ideal.

Jason Jordan from e3 - blogging the wireless freenet says:

The future is now. The Wireless Commons already exists in Western Australia. Our FreeNet is up & running. Anyone can join, anyone can participate. The only rule is that you cannot do anything that will be detrimental to the network.

sebastian buettrich from says:

open standards, open cooperation, … independent and affordable communication networks, globally … we will need them.

Rob Clark from WAFreeNet (Perth, West Australia) says:

Laudable goals … but I see a few technical issues…including a link across the oceans.

David Broadway from Duncraig Wireless says:

Just another part of the WAfreenet for Western Australia, Perth. Signing in. Take it easy

Ian Porter from Technomar says:

This is the begining of a great and powerful future where the carrier is the atmosphere. Spectrum hurdles remain but the interesting aspect of “the future” is that it is unpredictable, surprising and so often more rewarding than could ever be contemplated at the outset. We are at the outset now: Lets shape it best for future generations.

Peter BG Shoemaker from Context Strategies says:

Ubiquity is a necessity

Aaron M Johnson says:

Everything we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. – EAP

Stephen Provizer from Citizens Media Corp/Allston-Brighton Free Radio says:

To overcome the powerful enemies of the Wireless Commons, we must create a broad-based grassroots movement.

Harel says:

For a related project to fundamentally change the media landscape to a democratic system, see: Which gives a short overview of the meta-project and a link at the bottom to the main strategic vision essay, “The Revolution Will be Webcast” This vision will still be relevant (and hopefully much closer to being realized) in 2005. We might replace “web” and “webcast” with whatever the next name/manifestation is, but as we know: “Words exist

[to convey]

meaning; once you've gotten the meaning, you can forget the words.” Chuang-tzu Please read:

Danny O'Brien has signed the manifesto.

James Stevens from says:

just want to thank those with the will and insight to put these carefully considered concepts and concerns together, a most useful and timely resolution.

Carol Mirakove from Brooklyn, NY has signed the manifesto.

Scott P Johnson has signed the manifesto.

Dave Phelan from Brighton has signed the manifesto.

Saul Albert from consume / youarehere / free2air says:

Nice one. Very useful contribution to debates about Free Networks. I have a few comments:

  1. Commercial projects that use but do not threaten the 'common' status of the network should be facilitated by it.
  2. The word 'community' is a bit of a spuzzword and should be used carefully and critically.
  3. A proliferation of 'free network agreements', like the proliferation of public lisences is a good idea. The 'wireless commons definition' is a good start, another good start is the Pico Peering Agreement - see
  4. Wireless is just one way to deploy free networks. Many groups use a combination of wired/wireless nets to save cash. I prefer 'free network' to 'wireless' because it covers any tech. However, I do acknowledge that the politics of radio spectrum use is the issue in many cases.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia from SOLOCOMPUTO SAC says:

Quisiera perteneser a la lista. Saludos Jose Rodriguez

adriano ensini from bin@rio3: club for no-border-cultures says:

We will also break down commercial, technical, social and political barriers to the commons. (b3)

Jaime Robles from RedLibre says:

In RedLibre we are building a free wireless network. We think that the wireless network will allow us to get connected always we need to. RedLibre is the everybuddy's free network.

Henry O'Tani from originator and WW promoter of Amateur & Community WLAN concept says:

“The Commons” was a concept from the Old English Common Law (before the Norman Conquest)…All free Englishmen were equal, All land was held in common…(except for your homepatch defined by the throw of a hammer in the 4 quadrants)…. Trial by a 12 man jury (of your own type and rank) was also of “the old way”… The Norman's introduced land ownership, patriachy, personal inequality and serfdom which have continued and been successfully exported to this day…. Having disposed of the “ethic” “British indigenous native culture” first, their decendents then went back and dominated Western France for 300 years and thence barely a single country or ethnic people have escaped the Anglo Saxon idea of real estate and assumption of inequality in personal and political relationships ….. A least one Native American traces “the problem source” back to the British Normans and their Viking ancestry). My inspirations have been Norbert Wiener (Father of Cybernetics) 1947, Trevour Howell (founder of “People in Common” in 1973 (d.1976) and Stewart Brand (founder of the Whole Earth Catalog).

Alessandro Yama Bianchini from Humanity says:

romani senza fili fatevi sentire

Pete Birkinshaw from BinaryApe says:

This is a great idea. I'm keen to see some documentation on how to implement it, both the technical and social/legal aspects.

vizzy george from marks and rights says:

it might be intersting to be with you people.

Jonathan Schull from DigitalGoods says:

A distributed, grass roots “bottom up” commons will ultimately be more valuable to individuals *and* commercial providers than a profit-maximizing top down enterprise of the sort the telcos and big ISPs are destined to offer. Helping them see this, as well as stimulating the grass roots should be an important part of our mission.

Todd Edwards from says:

“If you build it, they will come”

Anand Bala from Janastu has signed the manifesto.

serge hauser from hitchhiker islands has signed the manifesto.

Raphael Lechner has signed the manifesto.

Georg C. F. Greve from FSF Europe says:

Especially viewed in the light of current initiatives to achieve total control of information and communication by means of software, hardware, laws and economic pressure, this initiative seems to be a good idea.

Dani Winter from in.f.a.m. GmbH says:

we need it!

Frank J. Dürring from condero Aktiengesellschaft has signed the manifesto.

Mark Breyer from has signed the manifesto.

heather curtis from MAUDE (mamas and underdogs deciding everything) says:

“it's the commons or slavery!”

greg walton from [go]openflows says:


Oxblood Ruffin from HACKTIVISMO/cDc says:

This is a wonderful opportunity to help deliver one of the sweetest babies of the new millenium.

Darwin Peltan from Element 12 has signed the manifesto.

littlegreenguy from hacktivismo says:

The ability to express ideas anytime, anywhere, to millions of people; to be able to get the word out if you are being suppressed; and the unity that such a project would signify. This has the ability to bring the world together, and celebrate ideas, and thoughts as a whole.

Richard MacKinnon from Rocksteady Networks, Inc. says:

Co-founder Rocksteady Networks, founding member Portal Software, The University of Texas at Austin Advanced Communication Technologies Laboratory (ACTLab) Fellow, past president EFF-Austin, past board member ACLU of Texas, past chair ACLU of Texas Cyberliberties Project, author “Searching for the Leviathan in Usenet, ” “The Social Construction of Rape in Virtual Reality,” “Punishing the Persona: Correctional Strategies for the Virtual Offender” (Sage & MIT Press), John Gilmore scholarship recipient to the First Conference for Computers, Freedom, and Privacy.

rberger from Internet Bandwidth Development / Center for Global Communication says:

Its time to build some example systems in countries that will support innovation

Beat Bolli from Switzerland has signed the manifesto.

Cedric Sonderegger from the zooomclan says:

For the freedom of information.

ryan northey from has signed the manifesto.

akupi from Wodowo says:

synchronicity. I have been blogging about this recently.

Doug Duckworth from Jinx Hackware says:

Heres to an open future where people can interact and exchange information globally, anywhere at anytime. This kind of network enables limitless possibilties and will bring us into a new age of communication and internetworking.

Brian McGroarty from Midway Games says:

Any third-party barrier between two individuals forfeits personal freedom, invites external influence. It's our right and our imperative to speak to neighbors across the country as freely and as securely as we do with the neighbor next door.

Cassandra Paisan from Cassandra's Cleaning says:

bartering should be mentioned somewhere. True community utilizes the power of bartering.

John Ferriby from Digital Mercenary has signed the manifesto.

Al Hooton from Personal Telco Project has signed the manifesto.

Richard Higgs from CLAN has signed the manifesto.

Aaron Swartz says:

It's one thing to talk about these lofty goals, but quite another to act. Who's willing to help make these goals a reality?

Scott Raymond has signed the manifesto.

Antoine Denerome from Softroad has signed the manifesto.

Marshall Robin says:

Why should we allow people to sell us something at inflated cost that could just as easily be self-provided and cheap?

Robert Rose from Corvallis Area Federated Wireless Access Providers ( has signed the manifesto.

Pete Gomes from mutantfilm says:

Engage with the non technical public, *show* them what this can be.

Howard Rheingold says:

Collective action built the web. We can build a wireless commons, too.

Mark Kraft from LiveJournal says:

To control people, you must control the flow of information. We are the people. We create information. We process information. We share information. We are the network, and we shall not be controlled.

Tony Fardella from NoCat has signed the manifesto.

Giuseppe Caravita from Rete civica di Milano says:

I hope also in Italy the birth of this Commons…

Peeter Marvet from Tehnokratt says:

Fighting for wireless freedom in Estonia, since 2001

Dr. Joshua Z. Ellis from says:

The very nature of wireless connectivity – uncuttable, untraceable – makes it eminently desirable from both an economic and a political standpoint. Community wireless is desirable because its growth is organic – one of my personal requirements for truly powerful technologies in this new century. I wholeheartedly support this initiative, and will do whatever I can to help it along its way.

Derek Slater has signed the manifesto.

Michael Hart from Mekka says:

Power to the edge!

Ted Mullen from MetaDirect says:

I completely and utterly agree with this manefesto. In fact, a friend of mine and I were talking about this type of “community” network and how nice it would be, before even reading this. –The ideal network.

Mike Doty from Computer Assistance says:

Eliminating the internet's dependence on centralized high speed communications networks is critical to heading off attempts to control and monitor it.

Robert Gibson says:

I applaud you efforts! I will try to help in any way I can!

Rob Witte says:

Ubiquitous connectivity will bring about a true paradigm shift in the computing experience.

Chris Hagglund from Oakville, Ontario, Canada has signed the manifesto.

James C. Perham from SkyBand Wireless says:

Together we can make a change!

Clancy Hughes from hughesair says:

Lets go for it. If we can pry open the commons with ultra wideband or some form of lower frequency spread spectrum, there is no limit. How about some fiber optics between our houses– bury it ourselves. Check out seattlewireless. I am glad to join this charter list. Redundency should solve the problem of reliability and capacity.

Katitza Rodriguez from CPSR-Peru has signed the manifesto.

Shannon Lucas from Pro Activist Networking has signed the manifesto.

Rick Robino from Wave Division Consulting has signed the manifesto.

ed marszewski from Lumpen says:

WE wil do our best to support the goals of providing community access to a wireless commons and will try to contribute to the emerging wireless commons movement here in Chicago. best, edmar

Edson Chuhue Huamán from PerúWireless has signed the manifesto.

Forrest English from Ashland's Wireless Internet Project has signed the manifesto.

Goncalo Prazeres from Know Wires says:

Hello I am obtaining research on wi-fi standards in Australia. We (Australian Open Spectrum) could get a bit of support helping the direction of licencing and Spectrum Commons by gaining some important expertise from a community such as yours. I have affiliated myself with a Richard Giles whom is forming a Australian Open Spectrum. The board of which stands for the exact same general principles as Wireless Commons has. To support Australian Open Spectrum,

Duane Groth aka evilbunny from Sydney Wireless says:

Wireless is nice, but light has the speed!!!! :)

charles bishop from says:

looking to start a free wireless community in the oklahoma city area. you've provided a great model to work from. thanks!

Richard Lotz from Seattle Wireless has signed the manifesto.

gregory lee jones from dis has signed the manifesto.

Sean Escriva from Personal Telco says:

the sooner the better for all. innovation is deviation.

Ernesto Quiñones Azcárate from Asoc. Peruana de Software Libre y Código Abierto says:

Por la libertad del acceso a la tecnología

David Berent from Know Wires says:

This is our only chance to break away from the large Telco's; if we fail they will own all global communications for decades to come.

Henrique Antoun from Escola de Comunicação da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro says:

I'm proud to sign it. Since the logo world put the hands on Internet, they are trying to enclosure it like a pay-per-view pasture to suckers.

Matt Hilmers from has signed the manifesto.

Steve Crandall says:

Hopefully this will sustain itself!

José Murilo Junior from Ecologia Digital says:

Digital ecology seeks to preserve and increase the cultural diversity and quality of life in the information ecosystem. A key ecological issue concerns the preservation and increase of the use value for humankind at large and the non-commercial properties of information as opposed to the exchange value. This includes the question of cultural diversity and the quality of life in an environment increasingly based on digitized information.

mematron says:

Rock the machine

Leif Utne from Utne magazine says:

Let's roll!

beatljuice from Evans Free Enterprises says:

Let's make this happen!

John Murray from Pacific Consultants has signed the manifesto.

Andii J. from Wireless Revolution - THE TIME IS NOW has signed the manifesto.

alan blount from ACS says:

Individual empowerment seems to be a great social movement, awaiting this century's children to move in mass.

Bill Loftis from N8RKU.NET has signed the manifesto.

Syb Groeneveld from Knowledge Land Foundation (Kennisland) says:

Good Initiative, if you need any support please do contact me

Rick Richardson from Drakkar Communications says:

The day of the ubiquitous human network is almost at hand!

John R. Low from John Low Consulting Engineers, Inc. says:

Keep up the good works

Michael Gurstein from Global Community Networking Partnership says:

Good stuff… Let's link the “old” Community Networks and the “new”.

Lorenz Szabo has signed the manifesto.

Jim Sullivan from The Wi-Fi FreeSpot Directory has signed the manifesto.

Marcus Salvemini from Kentrox has signed the manifesto.

dan davis from davis digital says:

“A mass in movement resists change of direction. So does the world oppose a new idea. It takes time to make up the minds to its value and importance. Ignorance, prejudice and inertia of the old retard its early progress. It is discredited by insincere exponents and selfish exploiters. It is attacked and condemned by its enemies. Eventually, though, all barriers are thrown down, and it spreads like fire. This will also prove true of the wireless art.” - Nikola Tesla 1908

Julian Prior from World in Common has signed the manifesto.

Peter Tiegs from Personal has signed the manifesto.

Tommy Yström from Real Worl Consultant says:

It's too important a commodity to allow total corporate control.

Julian Liew from, CommerceNet China says:

Here's a spot polled at the heart of Asia, door step to China: HONG KONG, come & join in, any form of assistance are most welcome.

G. Finnerty Keech from MINDANGLE ICT Consultant has signed the manifesto.

Steven O Ontiveros from Ontiveros Web/Computer & Consulting says:

I am starting the initiative in my neighborhood to get my park wired in the Kenton Neighborhood of North Portland. Hopefully this wil become and anchor point model for other neighborhoods to follow and eventually create clouds to to connect neighborhoods and eventually the city of Portland as a whole. Our Neighborhood Association website is Any guidance and direction is greatly appreciated. Steven O. Ontiveros

Eric McMillen has signed the manifesto.

John Casey says:

I do not quite understand this, but am very interested in learning more.

Josh Grubman from says:

Long live free networks. Share the radiation.

Ken Restivo says:

Fantastic work, all! Please keep this up!

Michael Albert Nunex from NexWave Studios says:

A Corporation; is an entity, that exist apart from the people that are employed by it. Society (the People) makes up the needed factor, of being both the working force and the consumer to the corporate entity. The governments and the courts have become, the administering arm of corporate lobbying. Monolithic corporations have made it hard for the small business to compete with big business franchises, let alone the first nation people and the family enterprises. We must reclaim our common ground and the common airways.

ozzybonscott from none says:

I would love to be a part of a chance to take the internet out of the hands of money mongering conglomerates.

Beth Mazur from IDblog has signed the manifesto.

Mike Akyampong from Akyampong, Inc. says:

Am glad to belong.

Hank Kester from KezTech Inc. has signed the manifesto.

Theodore M. Seeber from Information-R-US says:

Working on several interesting software products for Wireless, including a version of NoCat for Windows, and a port scanner for PocketPC.

Gabriel Campos says:

Thanks for articulating exactly what I'm thinking…it's eerie.

Jeff Cox from CWindustries has signed the manifesto.

John Buchanan from has signed the manifesto.

Garnet Heraman from Aegis Investment Partners has signed the manifesto.

Josef Davies-Coates from uniteddiversity says:

We need to protect and grow the global commons in all spheres of life. The creation of a just and sustainable society requires participative democracy, specifically the democratisation of media and money creation: Media: hackers are sorting this with WiFi, blogs and wiki's etc -, - all over open p2p networks. Money creation: deperately need more hackers working on this front - see and read the excerted version of the essential 'Money: Understanding and creating alternatives to Legal Tender' at I have tons more info if you're interested mailto: Also, I think Vortex from Free2air knows the guy who set up

Jeff Stoddard from eVault Northwest says:

Great concept

RHBusby from Buzzsaw Consulting says:

I believe that a wireless cloud is truly the wave of the future. It is high time we took back the control of our communications from the giants.

Drew from Zhrodague from PGHWireless says:

We're still at the stone-wheel of the Automotive industry, but here we are, and there we go. Good job organizing.

jo walsh says:

the ground-level, socially constructed network seems as necessary for our survival as it is useful for our daily activities…

Richard Soderberg from floating atoll has signed the manifesto.

Elio Rodriguez Leon from Intranetworks C.A. says:

Congratulations to all! Keep on working for a better world.

Alejandro Rivero from Universidad de Zaragoza has signed the manifesto.

Ryan Micallef has signed the manifesto.

Neville Hillyer from Open University has signed the manifesto.

Julian Priest from Informal has signed the manifesto.

Aaron Baer from Personal Telco has signed the manifesto.

Simon Jones from says:

Llyn Community Network agrees with the manifesto.

Christopher Maujean from indras says:

wow, I love it. I am pleased to see that so many others feel as I do.

dean hasselberg from none says:

democacy vs. capitalism = $

Ryan Christopher Boehning says:

I have seen the top of the mountain, and it is good.

manifesto posted on 3 Mar 2003 in #failing, #making & #nerding

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