I Can Hear You Talking Dirty by Adam Shand

Did you know that Adam is often the first name when you sort an address book alphabetically?
There's this interesting thing that happens when you put my number into your cell phone ... you accidentally call me. You forget to lock your phone, and then you sit on it ... and your cheeks somehow manage the correct sequence of numbers and arrows to call the first person in your address book.
I get to listen to you fight with your boss and cajole your partner into backyard sexy times. Sometimes I even get to listen to a concert for free. 

It has been pretty entertaining for the last several years, however recently it's happening every few days instead of every few weeks ... and mostly in the middle of the night. 
As a personal favour, please add an entry to your address book with the name AAAAA and have it call yourself. Pretty please?
PS. If you know an Aaron, they'll also appreciate it.
journal posted on 6 Jan 2003 in #crying, #laughing & #teaching

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