Sniglets and Blivets by Adam Shand

I had no idea that bliveting was so common that someone felt the need to invent a word for it.

Wikipedia: A sniglet is defined as a "word that should be in the dictionary, but isn't". While Rich Hall invented the word "sniglet" itself, sniglets are actually a long-running popular joke in which people make up their own humorous words to describe things or concepts that have no "official" words. Sniglets were popularized during the 1980s, on the HBO comedy series Not Necessarily the News. Comedian and cast member Rich Hall had a regular segment on sniglets during each episode of the monthly series.

Blivet: to flip your pillow looking for a cool spot (Hall 1984: 14)

journal posted on 17 Jan 2007 in #laughing

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