Security Doesn't Create Trust by Adam Shand

David Reed says that security mechanisms don't create trust:

I think there may indeed be technological mechanisms that promote trust.* But don't try to tell me that security technology creates trust. It can't. At best it's neutral, and upon reflection, most times it increases mistrust and fear.

From now on, whenever a security technology guru tells me that computer security "creates trust" I'm going to demand evidence. I suggest you do so as well.

* Humans gain trust by interacting and "getting to know" people. Transparent technologies that make it easy to see what people and companies are up to (in a sense the opposite of firewalls) are what help me trust. I like Reagan's saying: "trust, but verify". It implies that trust requires means for openness, not firewalls and secretiveness.

journal posted on 15 May 2003 in #daring, #designing & #inspiring

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