Word Up Mailing List by Adam Shand

WordUp was a mailing list I ran from 2001 to 2015, the archives are still available.

It was a forum for me to share interesting bits of news with subscribers. My primary interests at the time were the politics of computer freedom and privacy, patent and copyright law, freedom, and the random and bizarre.

The original pitch for the list when like this:

Life is complicated, interesting and short. We are living in the middle of a fascinating time when our world is changing faster than anyone but science fiction writers imagined. Our privacy is being threatened on all sides and our minds are being invaded by media 24/7. Hopefully we can offer some memes to help balance life out.

We all have issues which are dear to our hearts and important to us. With this list, I hope to educate you, and be educated by you.

As a member of the WordUp mailing list, you can expect ...

... a moderated list, this means high signal, low noise. It also means a bias towards what interests me.

... one or two messages a day (give or take).

... the occasional attachment (I will try to keep them small, under 100k)

... topics ranging from political news to humorous anecdotes. Many postings will have a political slant (in a broad sense), but many will just be funny, interesting or quirky.

... cited sources. As best as I am able, I will cite where I got my information from, so you will be able to track down more information if you are so inclined.

... participation! Once you get a feel for the list, please send me content that you think is interesting. I can only find so much!

project posted on 10 Apr 2001 in #nerding & #talking

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