Kia ora!

Kia ora! by Adam Shand

I like making, collecting, and sharing things. This site is one of the ways I do that. It’s also where I talk about the freelancing services I offer.

Personally and professionally I’m a bit of a mishmash. I’ve never had easy answers to the questions of where I’m from or what I do. Much of my professional experience is working with large-scale Linux and Open Source infrastructure. However my favourite work is people focused. Helping others figure how how to solve problems and get their career, business or family heading in the right direction.

I am extremely curious and prone to poking at things until I can make sense of them. As a result, my interests tend to be intense and short-lived. Despite this, I have two abiding fascinations.

The first is the development (in myself and others) of the courage and skill to navigate hard conversations. In this Vipassanā, Hatha yoga and Nonviolent Communication have been some of my guides.

The second lacks a pithy description, but perhaps ecological literacy is close enough. Permaculture was my first source of inspiration, followed later by Holistic Management and Syntropic Agriculture. Learning to see the living processes which make up our world, and to begin to understand how we can work with them to regenerate our world, has been a revelation.

Since 2013 I’ve shared twelve acres on the Kāpiti Coast with my wife Tink and a constantly shifting array of wild and domestic fuzzles. More recently we have been joined by my parents which is delightful.

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