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My Scrapbook by Adam Shand


Steve Joll from The Breeze got in touch to share his enthusiasm and support for Spring 1 and invited me to have a chat live on the Wellington Breakfast Show.  Fun doing it live! (5 September 2023)

Ashleigh McCaull briefly discussed the Realistic Calendar on Radio New Zealand's Counterpoint show, Wellington's spring isn't as bad as you think - new research and Does the changing climate mean we should rethink the seasons? (September 2023)

Andrea Knox's and Jordan Monk published their project for a third year statistics course which compares the accuracy of the Realistic Calendar's seasons to the traditional seasons. The results are disappointing! (August 2023)


Melody Thomas wrote a sweet little article about Shitsville (see Realistic Wellington Calendar) for Capital magazine.


The concept of a wireless common, and the Wireless Commons Manifesto, was discussed in Another Net is Possible by Rachel O'Dwyer. This was part of a larger work titled The Eternal Network (2020).


B-Side Stories, Managers Anonymous by Sapeer Mayron (March 2018)

Access Granted Podcast, From Wi-Fi to Wild via Weta by Mike Riversdale (March 2018)


I was a mentor at the first Kāpiti Coast Startup Weekend (July 2016)

The Wireless Commons Manifesto was included in the paperback, Manifestos for the Internet Age (GitHub) by Manuel Schmalstieg (July 2016)


The Stories We Tell, Exploring Ideas on Living by Reece Baker (June 2014)


The Gisborne Herald, Wairoa man’s tech skills help get attention for “Pavlova Western” by Ann Revington (May 2012)


The Mudgee Guardian, Milkwood Visitors Spread Message by Anika Hume (November 2011)

Three-month internship at Milkwood Permaculture (September 2011)


Published Bringing “Avatar” to Life for Tech OnTap (July 2010)

Five-day, USA speaking tour for NetApp (April 2010)


Panel member at Copyrighters (June 2009)


The Dominion Post, New Weta Data Centre in Wellington (September 2008)

Animation World Network, State of the Art Data Center for Weta Digital by Annemarie Moody (September 2008)

Panel member for discussion on Wellington as a high tech centre called A Tale of Four Cities at Unlimited Potential in Wellington, NZ (May 2008)


New York Times, Advocates of Wi-Fi in Cities Learn Art of Politics by Glenn Fleishman (January 2006)

Lightning Talk about Weta Digital's Infrastructure at Linux Conference Australia, Dunedin, NZ (January 2006)


Yes! Magazine, Indicator: Cities Go Wireless by Becky Brun (Fall 2005)


Presented at the Intel 802.11 Summit about mobile devices and Personal Telco in Portland, Oregon (May 2003)

Wireless Review, Adam Shand, Founder, Personal Telco Project by Vince Vittore (January 2003)


Presented at the Sydney Wireless monthly meeting about Personal Telco and the state of American community wireless in Syndey, AU (November 2002)

The New Scientist, Live and unplugged by Max Glaskin (October 2002)

Presented at the Dunedin Linux Users Group monthly meeting about community wireless in Dunedin, NZ (September 2002)

Co-presented Wireless Networking at Defcon X (August 2002)

802.11b Planet, War(chalking): What is it Good For? by Joe McGarvey (July 2002)

Panel member for the Public Networks discussion at the Eye for Wireless Conference in Seattle, Washington (June 2002)

Presentation at the Portland Linux Users Group First Thursday meeting in Portland, Oregon (June 2002)

Participated in the Community Wireless Round Table at the first O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (May 2002)

Interviewed by KGW News (March 2002)

Red Herring, Broadbanding together (page 1 & 2) by Christopher Locke (March 2002)

Portland Business Journal, ‘Geeks’ unite in a quest to make wireless world by Aliza Earnshaw (February 2002)

Spoke at the second Community Wireless Summit in Seattle, Washington (January 2002)


Presented Community Networks: What You Should Know at the Eye for Wireless Conference in Austin, Texas (December 2001)

Presented Introduction to Community Wireless at the ITEC Conference in Portland, Oregon (September 2001)

Associated Press, Digital activists want to share the Internet’s wealth — er, bandwidth by Jim Krane (September 2001)

News Bytes, WiFi Spawns Free Net Access by Dick Kelsey (August 2001)

Village Voice, High Speed, Freed by Peter Meyers (August 2001)

Portland Tribune, Going Wire to Wire(less) by Andy Giegerich (August 2001)

Metropolis Magazine, Wireless activists bring the battle over public space to the airwaves by Andrew Blum (August 2001)

Co-presented The Captive Portal at Defcon 9 (July 2001)

Seattle Weekly, The revolution may be wireless by Glenn Fleishman (July 2001)

Organised the first meeting of various community wireless networking groups from all around North America for a community wireless summit in Portland, Oregon (June 2001)


Otago Daily Times, Surf the net in Dunedin’s first ‘cybercafe’ by Lee Harris (1995?)

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