Moving Home Wrap Up by Adam Shand

We don't know:
  • What time the movers are showing up.
  • When our plan tickets arrive.
But we do know that:
  • The movers are supposed to show up on Friday.
  • It costs $3,455.73 to move a small room full of books and miscellaneous possessions from Portland to Wellington with less than a week's notice.
  • Elaborate usage of Alaska Airlines frequent flyer miles can get two people from Portland to Wellington for $2,500 with less than three days notice.
  • Air New Zealand doesn't do e-tickets.
  • Some travel agents are better than others (Stephanie Jung at Voyager Travel in Cannon Beach is great).
  • We're staying at the Duxton Hotel when we get there.
It's been a crazy week, but we've made progress. We're exhausted, and it'll be nice when this is all over.
While many of us are mainly in it for the learning, the tech and the free surfing, there's more to it:
  • We are capable of building a network that no one can control but us.
  • We are capable of extending the network to places where the incumbent's can't serve.
  • We are capable of extending the network to places that the incumbent's don't want to serve.
  • We are capable of keeping the pressure on the commercial operators and making them serve the public's best interests.

We've done a lot of groundwork that can help us achieve all this over the last two years, but we still need to focus and actually get this thing done. Let's not get too distracted by all the new toys.

It was nice to see everyone one last time, I'll miss hanging out and dreaming.
journal posted on 26 Jun 2006 in #imagining, #travelling & #working

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No worries, I hear dreams travel across the 'Net almost as fast as light. We already miss you.

Posted on 27 Jun 2003 by Darrin Eden
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