Morgan Morgan

Morgan Morgan by Adam Shand

There's nothing I love more than hearing, watching, or reading someone doing the one thing they can't not do.Mark Pilgrim

I met Morgan in the halls of Internet Alaska, I met him because he was one of the first people to approach me in open friendship as I was shyly exploring the new people and places I'd plunged myself into with my rash move. Over the years he was the person I could talk unrepentant smack to, who I could dream with, who always had a story of stupidity and excitement, who would always revel in stupid with anyone who was game.

Sometimes I wanted to punch him, I probably did a couple of times. He had no concept of boundaries, no idea how to respect his friends, and was petty and childish when things didn't go his way. I threw him out of my house, I screamed at him for taking my car, I made him cry because he wouldn't live up to my expectations.

There were times I didn't want to be around him, but I always believed in him. I believed in his good heart and raw talent. I wanted to walk into a random bar and see him on stage performing. I wanted to look up one day and see his name in the paper as the draw for a book signing, for writing the new screenplay. I don't think I ever expected to see him happy, but I hoped to see him proud.

More than anyone else I know, Morgan did the things he couldn't not do.


journal posted on 17 Oct 2003 in #crying & #reflecting

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