I Have Become an Intelligent Agent by Adam Shand

Remember back in the early 90s when the killer app was going to be "intelligent agents"?  Programs which knew your interests and could, harvest interesting information and bring it back to you in a concise, ordered form? They never caught on because … they never really worked. And yet ...

It seems that, shaped by the daily barrage of information, I've become my own intelligent agent. I'm constantly harvesting information and sharing it with others. I enjoy it and think I'm pretty good at it. My brain incessantly searches for new information and tries to piece them together into a cohesive whole.

I was proud that I got 1000s of emails a day, 100s that I cared about and actually read and digested. My inbox was always under a page. I was an anal-retentive information junkie, everything filed away, so I could find it later. I was on top of my game. Sometimes I fell behind, but it was always temporary. I was still on top of things, but there weren't enough hours in the day or other responsibilities were more pressing.

I've now reached saturation. No longer is the problem time or other responsibilities. I am now officially incapable of processing enough information to keep up with all the things that interest me. There is so much to know, to understand, to share … and most importantly, to do.

journal posted on 22 Feb 2004 in #failing, #reflecting & #working

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