*Hopes & Fears* by Anne Waldman

Hopes & Fears by Anne Waldman by Adam Shand

This is the most beautiful poem I've stumbled across in years. I've just listened to it being read by Marianne Faithfull in Gang of Souls more times than I care to admit.

I wanted to be able to watch it again, so I've uploaded the reading to YouTube.

I'm a little uncertain about the formatting, it's difficult to match exactly how it was presented on the screen, but hopefully, I have it fairly close.

Hope & fear
            hopes & fears
    you have them
you had them,

hopes & fears you have them

You had them, hopes
    You have them, fears

hopes or fears you had them

you have them

hopes & fears you have them

I won't say no,
            you have them

I will say it plainly you had them
I had them,

hopes & fears I have them

Wake up in the morning:
       the clock,
            the day,
                I had it

Wake up in the afternoon:
        the clock,
                I had it

    the night,
                the street,
                        I have it

Person beating his body
against a building, I saw it

Fear: he had it
        She has it

Hopes & fears you have them

All the bodies in the morning light:
                        They have it

Wake in the morning:
        the clock,
                the day,

another person was there,
        he had it

Wake in the afternoon,
    she was gone,
        he had it

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After a bit of hunting I found it on an old hard drive and have reposted it to YouTube.

Posted on 8 Apr 2020 by Adam Shand

Hi, I did have a copy which I posted to YouTube when I first shared the poem. YouTube did a shuffle and those old videos I posted are no longer available. I may have it on an old hard drive. I'll have a look and see if I can find it. Feel free to remind me if I'm slow. Best wishes, Adam.

Posted on 6 Apr 2020 by Adam Shand
Gravatar you have .a clip of this in the film? I work with anne waldman and doing some research. thank you. - no land. is my email if you have response. thank you

Posted on 5 Apr 2020 by No Land
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