Collecting Manifesti? by Adam Shand

I think I'm collecting manifestos?! I must like their singular purpose or something.

I found the Hacker Manifesto back in high school, then the Cypherpunks Manifesto when I got all into encryption and PGP after I found BBS's. Apparently at some point I found the Internet Manifesto (I didn't know where this came from, but I think Mike Merrill wrote it) and then on my last trip to New Zealand I read the Communist Manifesto as part of my holiday "educational reading". Finally, I helped write the Wireless Commons Manifesto and now I find the Ravers Manifesto (which is kinda tragic but makes me nostalgic for when I was younger and stupider).

Oh, I forgot the awesome First Things First Manifesto, which inspired the Wireless Commons Manifesto.

journal posted on 11 Apr 2003

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