We’re broke

we’re broke.
my last pair of duncan & prudence jeans,
made in newtown (before prudence left)
has holes where my iphone 4s falls out.

we’re broke.
i missed the minimum payment this month,
the platinum card is nearly maxed out
should i postpone my massage this week?

we’re broke.
i volunteer at the local food coop,
and grow heritage vegetables at home
i wish andre would stop crapping in the garden.

we’re broke.
no sugar, grains, nuts or seeds,
this elimination diet is very strict
sorry, are your eggs cooked in ghee?

we’re broke.
i have friends in the film industry,
it would be better if the train went to miramar
maybe i can get a short term gig?

(we’re happy.
i’m chopping wood,
she’s carrying water
andre is asleep on the seedlings.)