It’s a Complicated Relationship

Our hubris has been believing that when the aliens come that they will be walking, talking creatures which we can comprehend. The reality is that the aliens discovered and exploited us millennia ago. So long ago that all we have left of the time before, are the whispers of folk tale and legend.

They descended upon us and traded directly with our subconscious. In exchange for a home, they offered soma. Perhaps this wasn’t such a bad deal, consciousness was terrifying to our nascent human awareness. Their offer of absolution in exchange for what we didn’t yet understand, was gratefully accepted.

Yet some understood. As they watched their brothers and sisters fall under the spell, they understood the nature of the bargain that was struck. For now, within each of us, there is a voice crying to be fed. A voice that can be subdued but not silenced. A voice whose desire must be reckoned with each and every day.

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