Mike Messick [Sr System Administrator at Internet Alaska]

I write this recommendation only because I cannot (yet) afford to hire Adam and pay him enough money to move back to Alaska. Adam has an uncanny ability to identify problems, design solutions, and implement them efficiently and effectively. When I worked with Adam at Internet Alaska, he redesigned the entire email infrastructure to support multiple virtual ISPs, and did so with almost no budget. Existing customers were ported to the new infrastructure with no noticeable outages, and Internet Alaska was able to expand its customer base from ~12K to 33,000+ in less than 18 months.

Adam is exceptionally personable and easy to get along with. As the security officer, Adam and I had extremely different ideas of what solution should look like. Because of Adam’s ability to work with others and understand their views and concerns, the resulting solutions were always superior to anything conceived by a single person.

As a team leader, I observed Adam providing encouragement, advice, and mentorship to others within the company. He always had time to lend a hand when asked, and did so while giving the appearance that he had all the time he needed to help, even when he worked to more stringent deadlines than anyone else.

Adam’s system administration work speaks for itself; The greatest value Adam brings to the table is his ability to work with people.