I am extremely curious and prone to poking at things until I can make sense of them. As a result, my interests tend to be intense and short-lived. Join me as I talk to New Zealanders about what fascinates them.

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[203] Gardening like an Ecosystem with Kath Irvine Exploring Inner and Outer Landscapes

Kath (@edible.backyard) is one of our local gardening legends. Everyone who visits her garden comes away inspired by how beautiful and productive it is.In this episode we talk about permaculture, growing all your food, why thinking like an ecosystem is helpful in the garden, the reality of conventional market gardening and why small gardens can be more productive than big ones.Kath's business Edible BackyardPermaculture Home Garden by Linda WoodrowHer book for beginners on Pruning Fruit Trees Her list of garden products which have proved their worth over time Kath has been growing all the vegetables to feed her family of six for 20 good years. Spray free, natural, low-input food gardens are her thing. She believes in smart design — it saves time + money + the planet — and makes a garden hum. She recycles + reuses + forages and uses as little plastic as possible. She believes in a daily serving of fresh picked organic greens for a happy mind + strong body and it's her dream that every New Zealander gets this. She provides the best organic gardening advice through publishing articles, writing books, running workshops and garden consults. 
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