I am extremely curious and prone to poking at things until I can make sense of them. As a result, my interests tend to be intense and short-lived. Join me as I talk to New Zealanders about what fascinates them.

Hope you enjoy.

[211] An Introduction to Aquaponics with Nick Chapman Exploring Inner and Outer Landscapes

Nick and his family are based in Hamner Springs down in the South Island.  For the few years he's been experimenting with aquaponics systems.  He's built small aquarium style systems, larger IBC based systems, and is now building an even larger system based on a converted swimming pool so that he can grow enough produce to sell at the local market.Nick provides a wealth of information including:The difference between hydroponics and aquaponicsRun through the basic anatomy of an aquaponics systemTalks about some of the specific challenges in New ZealandRecommends a great, cheap way to get startedHe's also been running a PledgeMe campaign to get his EcoStations into schools so kids can learn about aquaponics.  He just met the campaign goal but there's still time to contribute if you'd like to purchase an EcoStation or help fund one into a school!His company Aquaponics NZ (Facebook) sells ready to go aquaponics systems as well as providing workshops.  Check out his website where he has kindly offered a discount to any listeners at:  https://www.aquaponicsnz.com/adamshandNOTE: we had some connection difficulties, especially in the first 15 minutes.  I've smoothed things out as best as I can, but please excuse the glitches and a few silent patches.
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