NZ Permie Map

To add yourself to the map …

  1. Click the “[ ]” icon in the top right of the map and a new web page will open
  2. Click the blue “Edit” link near the top left of the web page
  3. Search for your address (if you are worried about privacy you can leave the number off your street)
  4. You should see an icon pointing to your home with a small window of information next to it.
  5. Click the “+ Add to map”
  6. Click the pencil icon at the bottom of the information window (second gray icon from the left)
  7. In the first text box add your name or the name of your farm/business
  8. In the second text box add any description and someway for people to reach you
  9. Click the blue “Save” button
  10. Done!

Please remember that anything you add to the map is publicly available so be as discreet as you feel necessary.