An Open Men’s Circle

Unfortunately the Men’s Circle is currently on hold as we look for a new venue. Please stand by for 2020!

Hello, thanks for stopping by.

Every fortnight a group of men meet in downtown Wellington. We sit in a circle and share our lives with each other. Sometimes the sharing is deep and challenging, sometimes the sharing is light and easy. Every circle is different and that’s part of the fun.

We believe that some kinds of personal development are easier with the accountability and vulnerability provided by a group. We hope that this circle offers each of us space to work on the practical and spiritual aspects of our lives.

While we work to keep our circle as safe and welcoming as possible, circles have a life of their own. Sometimes our circles have loud voices, strong emotions and conflict. Together we are learning to work with these experiences rather than silence them.

Our intentions for this circle:

  • To create a safe, structured space for men to gather, share and support each other.
  • To allow men to sink into their emotional experience and explore where it takes them.
  • To practice modelling kindness, courage and authenticity.
  • To provide an open space where any man may come to do their work.

The agreements which help keep our circle safe:

  • What happens in circle is confidential
  • We do our own work at our own pace
  • We speak from our own experience
  • We don’t give advice
  • We welcome silence
  • We start and finish on time

If this sounds interesting, you are invited to join us in circle.