Managers Anonymous

Managers Anonymous is a small, facilitated support group for managers of all kinds. Too many leadership courses only teach acronyms and process which aren’t very helpful when you get back to the office. Instead we work on self-awareness by practicing empathy and deep-listening. The collective insight of the group will help you see challenges in a new light.

Three times a year we run an eight-week block. During the block we meet every Wednesday from 7–9am.

Who are we?

Amy and Adam are a brother and sister team who have been facilitating Managers Anonymous since 2014.

Adam has spent his career mostly being a manager of some sort. He’s been a founder at four startups (two of which are still going, and two of which failed early). He has worked as a technical lead, a middle manager, an executive and most recently as a coach. Though he mostly worked for technology companies it was the humans, and the complications they engender, which were the focus of his work.

Amy …

Join us?

Summer Block

Eight weeks beginning 2 Feb 2020.

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Winter Block

Eight weeks beginning 10 Jun 2020.

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Spring Block

Eight weeks beginning 2 Sep 2020.

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