Major Events Management Act 2007

Find your own representative and send them a letter:

Dear Ms King,

I have lived in Wellington's Eastern suburbs for that last five years. I am writing to you about new legislation titled the “Major Events Management Act 2007” which I have just read about in a article:


I am very concerned that the government has passed legislation which can impose civil and criminal penalties on private citizens for impinging on commercial interests.

I understand that there must be a lot of complexity around the hosting of major events like the World Cup. Regardless, I cannot fathom why my government would remove the personal rights of it's citizens to protect the ability of large corporations to make the largest profit possible.

I am stunned and in disbelief, I had trusted that my government held it's citizens rights in higher regard then corporate profits.


Adam Shand


Update (5 Apr 2008): I've posted some additional information including a full copy of the bill here.

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