• Don't doubt your desire because it comes to you as a whisper. — Po Bronson, What Should I Do With My Life
  • All virtue is a form of acting. — William Butler Yeats
  • It is also their general practice to deliberate upon affairs of weight when they are drunk; and then on the morrow, when they are sober, the decision […] is put before them by the master of the house in which it was made; and if it is then approved of, they act on it … — Herodotus, Histories (Book 1, Chapter 133), via @TomChatfield
  • Everyone appreciates your honesty until you are honest with them. Then, you're an asshole. — George Carlin
  • The plural of anecdote is data. — Raymond Wolfinger, via danwin.com
  • We build our computer (systems) the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins. — Ellen Ullman
  • If you automate a mess, you get an automated mess. — Rod Michael
  • The more I know the more I respect and distrust science. — @WardCunningham
  • Human life is gradually turning from a struggle against suffering into a struggle against pleasure. — @gurwinder
  • In permaculture I am always thinking about energy and the laws of entropy and renewal. I realise I have ignored one very important form of energy - love. It is abundant and renewable. It is limitless. This has been such a powerful thing. I have stopped worrying about the future. I feel more than ever before that good will prevail. It is great to know there are so many people behind me - there is an army with me, in life or death. — Joe Polaischer, Rainbow Valley Farm (shortly before his death).

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